Dear guests, before booking any tour service with us you are pleased to read and accept our terms and conditions POLlCY.
A booking is to be considered accepted by our company only if we send a confirmation e-mail, so that our and your commitment gets a contract.
Any modification too , about date or timetable, must be considered accepted only if we send a confirmation e-mail.

Customers have to leave a deposit to book tour or transfer service by means of PayPal or banking transfer method, then the balance will be payed at the end of the service by cash or credit card, Visa or Mastercard (to be noticed that payment by credit card, paypal or bank transfer, implies the charge of 10% for VAT, value additional tax).

  Cancellation of a tour have to be made in written and the date will determine the cancellation fee applicable.
- Cancellation 7 days before the tour/transfer service : 0% In case of full pre-payment or deposit, you will be totally refunded.
- Cancellafion 4 days before the tour/ transfer service : 50% of cost of booked tour / transfer service will be requested by our company
- Cancellation 1 day before the tour/transfer service: 100% of cost of booked tour will be requested by our company
(we intend transfer not airport local transfer, which are entirely payed the date of booking, but long distance transfer only)
* for any inconvenience caused by weather condition, you will be fully refunded
* not refund in case of airplane or ship delay within the first half of the booked tour. If the delay will extend over the 2nd half the tour fee to be paid is the 50% of the cost of booked tour.