Are you looking for a Local Guide in Rome?
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Over the last few years  the Italian government has homologated all the Tour Guide Licenses of our country, but even worse, has included the european ones. It was an operation that lowered the professional and qualitative level of the tour guide work to the detriment of the clients. What does it mean?
It means that if you are looking for a local, licensed tour guide of the city of Rome and make your reservation online, probably the guide you have booked will not have the license of the municipality of Rome but of another municipality perhaps Florence or Naples, or even of a city of a country of the European community.

A local licensed tour guide is a professional figure who has great knowledge of archaeology, art history, architecture and is a Certified Guide that operates in the territory in which he or she has taken exams for! 
Therefore, if you want a professional local guide of city of Rome, make sure that he or she has the badge displayed here, a guarantee of quality.

What is a Guide's Certification?
It provides a rigorous process for achieving professional certification, developed over time by the all-professional Tour Guides within the Association. Applicants are tested via both written and oral tests. Usually, the process takes over two years.
By relying on a Local Certified Guide, tour operators and private individuals are assured of the highest quality standards of performance and accuracy.