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Amazing tour to Tavullia, home town of Valentino Rossi
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Tour description

I have programmed this tour in honor of the best motor-bike rider of the world ever existed, whom name is Valentino Rossi.
Who loves motor-bike racing can't not to know what Valentino rapresents for motor-bike category who, over the last 20 years, has won and established his supremacy in all the wold's circuits.

Nine times world champion, the only one of having won in all motor-bike racing categories. The doctor, so he likes to be called or, to make a step backword, Rossifumi, becouse when he was youth, was extremely fascineted by Norifumi Abe, a Japanese rider.
Who doesn't know anything about Valentino Rossi, but loves bike racing, well click here in order to discover a bite of his talent.
His performaces have always been characterized by incredible comebacks and amazing overtakes, and the overtake made over his companion of Yamaha team has been defined, the OVERTAKE OF THE CENTURY.

This guy has, with his simpathy and his extraordinary winning character, conquested the harts of children, youths and elders. His colour is the yellow, his number is 46 and his simbols are the sun and the moon as is his mood, sometime good sometime less good. We will visit his home-town Tavullia in the Marche region, about 4 hours from Rome, then we will visit his official store for some shopping, we could also eat in his restaurant-museum and drink a coffe in his coffe shop. Recently he has been given onother nick name, the MARADONA OF MOTOR-BIKES. 


Tour duration

12 hours

Driving tour

English speaking

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Tour Valentino Rossi
Valentino Rossi Tour
Tour the Doctor Valentino Rossi




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