Rome Limousines Private Tour
In God we trust
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Dear guests, the Vatican Museums are among the most beautiful and widest world’s museums, and visiting it by your- self you might easily get lost.
As the name states “museums” there is not just one but many museums such as 6 miles of galleries and 2000 rooms!!!
But don't worry becouse our Certified Tourist Guide, a private guide for your party only, will clearly explain all the masterpieces you will come across inside the museums, from the entrance up the end of the tour. Due to the importance of this amazing museums, we have selected two type of tours, CLASSICAL and GOLDEN.

Classical Vatican Museums Tour and St. Peter's Basilica

Private Guided Tour 3 hours
 FROM €150... 

Golden Vatican museums Tour and St. Peter's Basilica

Private Guided half day Tour
 FROM €240...