Rome Limousines Private Tour

From port of Civitavecchia
Shore excursion to Roman countryside, Frascati, Pope's summer residence & wine tasting private day tour
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Tour description

Dear Guests,
This excursion day tour, has been designed for those who wish to enjoy, and discover the beautiful roman countryside at just 30 minutes from Rome.

The tour is conducted by an English speaking driver, born and residing in the region of Rome and with an in-depth knowledge of history and features of the territory, ready to help you with the local language, advised and informed about local food, shopping and much more.

The driver will welcome you at the gangaway of your boat-cruise ship with a sign bearing your or your party's name on it.
​Then you will make your way to the fabolous roman countryside commonly called Roman Castels becouse of medieval fortresses dating back 12th. or 13th century to which later on moder town developed around.
​Already a famous area in the renaissance, frequented by Popes, Cardinals, wealthy families due to its fresh and salubrious air, it soon was elected to summer residence of the roman aristocracy, and early sweet, winding roads traced down throught a breathtaking landscapes! 
​Villas, estates of great beauty were built and coltivation of the already present Malvasia, Trebbiano and Cesanese grapes improved along with that of olive oil. Therefore the place became synomimus of wineries, olive mills...
​Since the area is found around two extinct volcanoes dating back 20 thousands years ago, the earth is exremely fertile and high quality vegetables are producted, eggplant, zucchini, cherry tomato, potatoe and ect...
White wine and olive oil testing
On the way to Frascati, which is one of the several villages scattered all over the area called Roman Castles, you will have a little break for wine and olive testing organized by us. You have the chance to visit one of the most beautiful and famous vineyard of the site: Casale Marchese ( The owner, Alessandro, will lead you to the discovery of his fascinating 18th century farmhouse, composed by two separated wings: in one the family live while the other parties used for the processing of wine its bottling and packaging. Adjoining the wine cellar is the testing room, visited by tourists from all over the world. Adjacent to this is the farm’s oil-press, which guarantees superior quality oil.
(if Casale Marchese is not available, you will be taken to Santa Benedetta winery, which is of same quality-level.)
Casale Marchese
oil tasting tour italy
white wine tasting tour
Frascati e Castel Gandolfo
Roman Castles, is the name attributed, during the middle ages, to the south cost region of Rome. At the time 13 villages were transformed in castles, by some Roman nobles families. Frascati and Castel Gandolfo are part of this famous region.
Frascati is one of the most renowned castle-town and its name comes from a typical local tradition of collecting firewood (“frasche in Italian”).  Many place-names around the town refer to trees or wood, or also from the branches which were used in the middle ages as a means to cover houses. Frascati is famous for its notable villas, which were built from the 16th century onwards by Popes, Cardinals and Roman nobles as “Status Symbols” of Roman Aristocracy.

These country houses were designed for social activities rather than farming. The main Villa, that dominates the town is villa Aldobrandini. A colourful street- market stands right in the middle of a central square and noteworthy is the nearby Cathedral of St. Peter Apostle. Originally designed by Ottaviano Mascherino and completed in 1598. A new high façade was added between 1698-1700 by Gerolamo Fontana. The Cathedral was demolished by bombing in 1943 and the reconstructed interior appear bore. On the inner side of the façade is the tombstone of Charls Edward Stuart.

Castel Gandolfo, recently voted as one of the most beautiful town in Italy, rises at the crest of the by now extinct Volcano, over looking the lake derived from it. The medieval town houses the very famous Pope’s summer residence, built by Carlo Maderno for Pope Urban VIII in 17th century. Walking down the narrow and fascinating street you will have the chance to visit the church built by Gianlorenzo Bernini and dedicated to St. Tommaso of Villanova with its beautiful cupola and the altarpiece by Pietro da Cortona. Gourmet, religious goods and souvenirs shops are very interesting.
castel gandolfo pope residence
castel gandolfo lake
Villa Aldobrandini Frascati


Tour duration

8 hours

Driving tour

English speaking

Pick up

About 9.00am

Drop off

About 5pm

Entry fees

The Catacomb extra €8


Not included




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