From port of Naples
Shore excursion to Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri private day tour
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- On Sundays and holidays prices increase by €100

Tour description

Dear Guests, this private day tour has been designed for those who wish to enjoy one of the most beautiful archaeological sites of the world, Pompeii, then the beauty of the mediterranean sea, and the savour of a cousine renowned all over the world!
You will be met by an English speaking driver, born and residing in Naples, and transferred to a Pompeii where with a local guide, booked by us from your specific request, licensed and born in the site of Naples, or by your-self, you will enjoy the spectacular site of an ancient roman town. 
(The guided tour lasts 2 hrs approximately).

The catastrophic eruption of Mont Vesuvius of 79 a.d. caused the destruction of the city but, miraculously, thanks to the layers of pumice and volcanic ash that fell upon, we are still able to admire original roman structures.
But the disaster also preserved  a bit of roman life.
The buildings, graphics, artifacts and bodies forever frozen offer a unique window on the ancient world: Pompeii is a frozen moment of history!
The all morning will almost be spent here and later on the tour will continue on with the visit of the picturesque village of Sorrento, famous because of its cliffs and being refuge of Caruso the tenor! Here you will have time for some lunch, limoncello tasting and picture taken from the public villa.

Then the diver will take you to the port and help with doing tickets for the ferry boat or hydrofoil (at your preference), where you will set off on your own to explore the island of Capri, that has been visited over the centuries by intellectuals artists and writers, all enthralled by its magical beauties.
It is just 20 minuts fast boat ride from the port of Sorrento, so no time is wasted.
In the roman time Capri became summer resort, beginning from Augustust who built temples, villas and aquetucts, planting gardens so he could enjoy his paradise.
The center of Capri is the Piazza, all over the island are 12 churchs, 7 museums and several monuments. The most visited attraction is the Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto); it is a special cave discovered in the 19th century by foreign tourists and has been regarded a phenomenon ever since. On one side of the Grotto are the remains of an ancient roman rock with a narrow cavern.

There are no cars on the main part of Capri and it is served by ferry boats or hydrofoils from Naples and Sorrentine peninsula. Boats arrive in the morning and leave in the afternoon (3 or 4 pm)
You excursion will end up right in Sorrento when the driver at 2pm take you to the port to lead you to get ferry to Capri.

We suggest wearing comfortable shoes and appropriate clothes.


Pompei, Sorrento e Capri Tour
Pompei, Sorrento e Capri
Pompei, Sorrento e Capri


Tour duration

9 hours

Driving tour

English speaking

Pick up

About 7.45am

Drop off

About 5.00pm

Entry fees

Not included


Not included




From 3 pax prices are divided by €50 each person

From 1 to 2 pax

€ 600,00

From 3 to 4 pax

€ 700,00

From 5 to 6 pax

€ 800,00

From 7 to 8 pax

€ 900,00

Useful info

  •  Travel ferry from Capri to Naples takes 80 minutes (€ 9), 40 minutes the hydrofoil (€16)
    Travel ferry from Sorrento to Capri takes 40 minutes  € 9),  20 minutes the hydrofoil (€ 14).
  •   We do recommend a private licensed tour guide for Pompeii (2 hours tour length) . No worries about tickets you can buy on the spot. For children and students up to age of 18 have free entrance, a ID card is necessary.
  •   Please book the hydrofoil  from Sorrento to Capri and from Capri to Naple using the link below HERE
  •  This excursion is not possible from the port of Salerno
  •  Please note that we may change the order of itinerary according to our discretion!
  •  Upon request at an additional fee we can arrange a private guide for you during the day or part of the day.
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