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Without doubt, the most famous fresco made by Michelangelo Buonarroti is the Creation of Adam. We only need to see the two hands reproduced or just the tips of the fingers, and we immedialy recognise M.'s picture.

Adam's hand is still weak but that of the Almighty expresses power, he is infusing Adam with life and soul.
I like to focus on the figure of God!
He is sorrounded by Angels and in their midst is the figure of a woman. Several suggestions have come from art historians and theologians. I agree the ones that most seems reasonable, Virgin Mary or Eve. The mother of Jesus and Adam' s companion becouse in the Creation they were already in the mind of God. But there is something which is extremely  interesting: God and the Angels are enveloped in a scarlet mantle.
Does it symbolize something ?  According to an American neurologist we are in front of the human brain, becouse its outline does match exactly the shape of human brain in cross section.
Experts in anatomy have been able to identify the Medulla Oblongata ( where the brainstem begins) and the Pons Varolii. The dark leg that drops vertically below the mantle would represent the pituitary gland.
By the way, Michelangelo's intention was to demonstrate his perfect knoledge of human anatomy, since dissecting corpses was a practise forbidden in Rome but not in Florence... All this is very, very fascinating but, but, but,
an other American doctor, this time a gynaecologist, observing the profile of the scarlet mantle , noted an outstanding resemblance to the human uterus.
Yes becouse the green cord trailing below the mantle corresponds exactly with an umbilical cord that has been just been cut.
That's way Adam, thought created and not born from a woman is depicted with the navel, the scene is an idealised representation of the pysical birth of man.
There are still lots of hidden details to be uncoverd among the numerous images on the vast ceiling, especially after the cleaning executed by a team of master restores from the Vatican workshop in the 80s.
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