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Rome Walking Tours
Dear guests, over the last ten years Rome-Limousines has created a great team of professional Certified Tourist Guides, coordinated by Alessandro Vagnoni, me, and all of them are native of Rome!!!

The Roman Tourist Guide is a professional figure who has great knowledge of archaeology, art history, architecture and is a Certified Guide that operates in the territory in which he or she has taken exams for, Rome!! Therefore, beware about visiting Rome with a  tourist guide without certification or with a certification got in other cities different than Rome, very important!!

 Your professional guide is well capable of explaining Rome's history throughout the centuries from the time of the Kings through the Republican and Imperial eras, to the middle ages. Our passion for ancient monuments, churches, fountains, squares and beautiful Renaissance buildings makes us proud, and eager to convey our feelings to our special customers. Our Guides are born in Rome and are able to let you know and experience the typical local life.

We will show you the real dimensions of a City that you will love and never forget. You will be helped with the (local) language, advised and informed about local food, shopping and much more...

Your walking tour, sometimes foresees the use of public transportation, or, with the customer's agreement, combined with a car- limousine, sedan or minivan. The tour guide will stay with you for an half or a full day tour and your private tour can be programmed (tailored) according to your special requests. We have selected 4 among the most requested walking tours!!!

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