Rome Limousines Private Tour
You will never walk alone
 TOUR FROM €400... 
Rome Guided Tours
Dear guests, these are "FULLY GUIDED TOURS", designed and programmed for those who whish to walk always together a professional, qualified driver who is, at the same time, an official tourist guide of Rome, yes a certified guide, so that you can have a double service at the rate of one!!

These are special tour, often combined by a suggestive snak in the morning, such as typical italian espresso and croissant, and delicous lunch in a small and local place!!

What is Guide’s Certification?
It provides a rigorous process for achieving professional certification, developed over time by the all professional Tour Guides within the Association and applicants are tested via both written and oral tests. Usually the process takes over two years. 
By hiring a Certified Guide, tour operators and private individuals are assured of the highest quality standards of performance and accuracy.

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